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Chef meals are created with a close collaboration between the chef and Hot Cuisine. The first step in this process is to ask the chef about his/her preference. After testing and fine tuning in conjunction with the chef, Hot Cuisine creates the final dish. This has allowed us to create tasty dishes among others with Peter Goossens and Sergio Herman.

  • Bart Desmidt

    Bart Desmidt

    Chef Bart Desmidt heads the kitchen at his own restaurant Bartolomeus in Heist-aan-Zee. As the son of a local fisherman from Heist, the sea plays an important role in his life and his food. He is also a sponsor of the Purus shrimp, the one and only Flemish grey shrimp. He was awarded his second Michelin star in November 2013.

  • Yves Mattagne

    Yves Mattagne

    In twenty years, Yves Mattagne managed to turn the Seal Grill into a household name both in Belgium and internationally. As the name suggests, the restaurant always specialized in fish and shellfish.

  • Gert De Mangeleer

    Gert De Mangeleer

    Gert De Mangeleer is a passionate and creative chef who has held three Michelin stars since 2011. After the success story of Hertog Jan, L.E.S.S. is the next promising chapter in his life. His style is ‘simplicity, with respect for natural flavours’. As vegetables play a very important role in his kitchen, he grows his own supply.

  • Lionel Rigolet

    Lionel Rigolet

    Not just anyone could take over Comme Chez Soi. And yet Lionel Rigolet manages to run this 2-star restaurant like a dream. He serves balanced dishes using excellent products and the most modern techniques. Time and again he manages to enchant gourmets with dishes whose flavours and contrasts are perfectly balanced.

  • Arabelle Meirlaen

    Arabelle Meirlaen

    Arabelle Meirlaen, from the restaurant of the same name in Marchin, is Belgium's first lady chef to be awarded a Michelin star. Arabelle's cuisine is close to nature and focuses intuitively on everything that is beneficial for our health.

  • Peter Goossens

    Peter Goossens

    Peter Goossens is practically the godfather of Belgian gastronomy. He opened the legendary ‘Hof van Cleve’ in Kruishoutem back in 1992. The place to be for gourmets with its 3 Michelin stars.

  • Sergio Herman

    Sergio Herman

    A score of 20/20 in the Gault Millau guide illustrates the perfection which Sergio Herman strives to achieve. In his bar-restaurant Pure C in Cadzand, he works with nature's bounty from the sea. This year, The Jane in Antwerp earned 2 Michelin stars again for its sophisticated cuisine. Frites Atelier, the latest addition, to his empire, is also worth mentioning.

  • Wout Bru

    Wout Bru

    Wout Bru’s journey is quite amazing. After Chez Bru, he has now embarked on a new adventure with La Bru'sserie - Le Sanglier des Ardennes, a cosmopolitan tapas bar with a view of Durbuy.

From recipe to ready-to-eat in 10 steps

  1. The idea

    Previously released meals are reviewed by the chef. New ideas are born.

  2. The chef tries out new recipes

    The chef creates diverse new recipes that fit in well with the rest of the line.

  3. The recipe is finalised

    The recipe is ready to be used and is forwarded to Hot Cuisine.

  4. Industrial test kitchen

    The chef’s detailed recipe is converted into an industrial recipe. Everything is measured down to the last milligram.

  5. The chef is satisfied

    The chef samples the new version of the meal and approves it, possibly after a few minor adjustments to the recipe.

  6. The Quality Control Department samples the meal

    For its part, the supermarket’s Quality Control Department gives the go-ahead for the meal, as well.

  7. The Purchasing Department inspects the meal

    The ready-to-eat version is presented to the supermarket’s purchasing officers, who also discuss the number of meals they will require.

  8. The meal goes into production

    Every day, Hot Cuisine prepares 90 different types of meals in its top-of-the-range manufacturing plant in Ghent. Each type of meal is sampled twice a day, thus ensuring that our meals always have the exact right flavour.

  9. In the freezer section at last

    Nine months after its first inception, the meal finally makes it to the supermarket’s refrigerated section.

  10. Dress up your meal

    Add even more glamour to the meal by adding a few choice ingredients of your own.

Enjoy your meal!