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Filip De Spiegeleire

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What we do

Culinor is a high-quality producer of freshly prepared meals for retail and Food Service.

Its division Hot Cuisine specializes in vacuum cuisine. Among others in collaboration with renowned chefs.



Eating habits change constantly. As a producer of ready meals we wish to be a part of this continuing trend and help influence its direction. This is why we assemble talented people. We inspire them to be proactive, creative, flexible and efficient in coming up with, developing and preparing our meals. And mostly to be proud of the healthy and tasty products we make .


With Culinor you will find the tastiest dishes form Belgian and international cuisines. State-of-the-art preparation and packaging techniques ensure that they remain nice and fresh and preserve their natural flavour and aromas. Culinor also stands for a healthy and balanced diet, which is why it signed the Fevia Nutrional Policy Manifest. We do not use artificial flavour enhancers, added sugars, colouring agents or preservatives.

We consider food safety a basic condition to our success.

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  • Quality

Not only do we meet the mandatory HACCP-normen HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points): an integrated quality system for the food industry, whereby each step of the production process can be checked, traced and analyzed.

We also obtained the IFS-certificate, International Food Standard, version 6 higher level (International Food Standard). Rest assured: Culinor guarantees a tasty, healthy and safe meal.

  • Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the major success factors behind tasty, healthy, original dishes.

To this end, a team of 9 chefs eagerly receives assistance from renowned colleagues.

At the technical level as well, Culinor is constantly looking for the most modern techniques for the preparation, preservation and packaging of meals.

Besides internal investigation, our development team also makes use of the ‘Flanders Food’ competence pool.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is of very high importance to Culinor.

Discover Culinor Food Group's first sustainability report, in which we explain our responsibility towards sustainability.

With this first report, we take another step to improve the transparency of our sustainable foodprint.

Download the report here



Hot cuisine

Vaco's kitchen

40.000.000 meals/year

ca. 500 persons

selling markets

  • the Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany

Academic partners

Culinor works in close collaboration with Prof. dr. ir. Debevere, member of the Culinor advisory council, and University Ghent for nutritional microbiology and conservation.

Prof. Debevere advises us with bacteriological analyses of raw materials and finished products and gives us expert advice pertaining to the treatment, preservation and packaging of food.

His know-how and experience on the subject are your guarantee for a safe product.

Culinary partners

The ‘Cuisine du chef’ meals are created in close collaboration with our culinary partners. Each one a master in his field and each with their own specialties as well.

The result? A feast for the senses on your plate, every time!

To gourmet meals

Industrial trade unions

Culinor is a member of Fevia (the Belgian food industry federation) and of Brema (Belgian Ready Meals Association).

To both associations, quality and food safety are among the major terms, as well as the environment and social affairs.

Fevia and Brema are also suitable platforms for Culinor to exchange ideas with food experts and colleagues from the sector.

Academic partners Culinary partners



Foundation of Culinor NV by Filip De Spiegeleire

Schermafbeelding 2017 03 28 Om 13 37 56


Construction of factory in Destelbergen



Start-up of production



Split from Amando NV



First enlargement for packaging and shipping divisions



Second enlargement: production, R&D division



Third enlargement with spiral condenser and spiral oven



Purchase of lots & buildings Astra Zeneca located next to
Culinor 2.5 ha



Acquisition of Hot Cuisine



Depot 52 enters use as a logistic platform

Depot 52


Acquisition of VACO-BAKKAVÖR Olen & Herselt

Vaco Olen


Becoming part of Orior Group

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