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    Fresh meals

    Attractive and crunchy-fresh dishes in individual portions. In their protective packaging the Culinor ultra-fresh dishes will keep up to 7 days.

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    Vacuum cuisine

    Fresh ingredients are prepared and cooked in a vacuum bag: this means they will keep for 21 days, with no preservatives.

    They keep their vitamins, minerals as well as their natural flavour. The sous-vide dishes can be cooked in your microwave oven, but are even more delicious when cooked ‘au bain –marie’. Each meal component (vegetables, starch) is cooked separately in a vacuum. This allows the cooking times to be respected. Optimal quality guaranteed.

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    Fresco line

    The "Fresco line" meals are ultra fresh and prepared with lots of vegetables.

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    Chef meals

    Chef meals are created with a close collaboration between the chef and Hot Cuisine. The first step in this process is to ask the chef about his/her preference. After testing and fine tuning in conjunction with the chef, Hot Cuisine creates the final dish. This has allowed us to create tasty dishes among others with Peter Goossens and Sergio Herman.

    More about our chefs
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    Pasteurized meals

    The multi-sectioned meals can be kept for 21 days at 7°C owing to their method of production. A wide range from regional dishes to international cuisine is available to you.

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    Oven dishes

    Savour classic oven dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, which will keep 14 to 18 days. The oven dishes are packaged in aluminium trays.

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    Expect freshly prepared culinary sauces, no powders or spice mixes. So what are they made of? Carefully selected natural ingredients. These are the basis of our fine sauces. The sauces are packaged in small sauce boats and in large volumes for institutional kitchens.

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    A tasty soup goes down well any time of year. The range of soups is seasonal and freshly made. So no added preservatives. The soups are available in 800ml and 1l containers and keep for 21 days.

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    Pasta meals

    A little bit of Italy in your plate with our pasta meals. These dishes are packaged in plastic or aluminium trays and come in various shapes and weights, so you are sure to find something to your liking.

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    Meal components

    Looking for a bit of creative space, but you are not really at home in the kitchen? Then the Hot Cuisine meal components are just the ticket. With meat components as well as gratins or purées, you have access to a vast range of possibilities to create the perfect meal. Our meal components are a safe, and most importantly tasty bet!

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    Asian Food

    Do you feel like an Indonesian hot pot, or are you more in the mood for a Thai curry with rice?  Our wide range of exotic meals will surprise you. Meals consist of rice or noodles served with meat and vegetables prepared Asian-style.

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    Oriental meals

    Bami and Nasi goreng with rice or noodles, that is also possible within the Eastern meals.

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    Food Service

    For our clients from the food service, catering industry and industrial kitchens we developed a purpose-made product range. These portion-sized packages are selected on the basis of the client’s individual wishes, taking into account the composition of the food, caloric values, protein content, quantities and of course overall price.

  • More information on the Culinor Food Group

Other products

In addition to the current range, these are some of the products from previous collaborations. Do you have a project where we can help you? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Meal in a box

    A meal in a box, perfect for these busy times. Just as the name implies, these are true snacks to go. Open the box, a moment in the microwave oven and done. Each meal in a box consists of fresh ingredients only, deliciously simple.

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    Our creamy pesto sauces are made of olive oil, basil, garlic, sea salt, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts. These sauces will add a Mediterranean taste to all your dips and dishes.

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    Str.EAT Food

    A delicious burger, hot dog or wrap created from carefully chosen ingredients. The accompanying sauce comes in a separate pack. Just heat and eat. Everyone will love these meals!

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    Lovely Meals

    Fresh new recipes packed with vegetables. The unique combination of precooked and fresh ingredients results in sensationally fresh flavours. Now you can serve healthy meals in less than no time!